Willy Nolan

Social Media Video Wall

Although relatively commonplace now, in 2014 Social Media Walls were much less common.

Facebook, having purchased Instagram in 2012, was the first large company I saw encourage interaction with its platform through a social media wall.

Facebook approached my teammembers and I looking for a large multi-display social media display wall which was meant to travel to several events Facebook was sponsoring, specifically Art Basel.

At various events around the world, visitors were encouraged to interact with a very large video display through hashtags and @ mentions of other users.

Event organizes had access to a private API and curation tool to select content and display photos and videos they wanted to showcase at their event.

Althuogh the initial target was Art Basel in Switzerland, the project was popular enough that it traveled worldwide and was installed in Hong Kong, San Francisco and elsewhere in the world.

The project was eventually ported to the web as well as a native app and was able to work with most social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr.

Additional Help:

  • Anton Heestand (Design and engineering)

  • Pavel Necas (Hardware)

Social Media Wall Installed at Art Basel
Social Media Wall Installed at Art Basel
Social Media Wall Installed at Art Basel