Willy Nolan

Defy Boundaries

As part of Alienware's "Defy Boundaries" campaign, Dell wanted to make an immersive browser-based game to demonstrate new products.

The very general idea was to create a virtual world participants could explore while also collecting virtual versions of various Alienware items.

The game was spread out over several weeks, and each week different items had to be collected in different order to win that week's contest.

The Cyberpunk-styled virtual world also contained several Easter eggs and hidden puzzles.

In addition to the physical items awarded for participating in the game, there were several opportunities to win additional virtual rewards such as screen savers, custom fonts and images through creatively exploring the virtual world (such as examining the project's source code).

From a technical perspective, this project presented several interesting challenges. French, Chinese and English languages all had to be equally supported. Additionally, mobile and desktop devices had to support a large amount of high-resolution assets.

Accessibility was also a primary concern, and significant effort was put into making the experience entertaining for users of screen readers.

This project was also a great collaboration among several teams covering design, user experience and client interaction. I am very appreciative to have worked on such a challenging project with great support from everyone involved.


The Defy Boundaries Experience showing a keyboard
The Defy Boundaries Experience background art
The Defy Boundaries Experience in Chinese