Willy Nolan

Blade Runner Controller

The final Obscura Digital holiday party was one of the most visually impressive events I have ever encountered.

The entire company teamed up to cover Obscura's Pier 70 warehouse from floor to ceiling with Blade Runner themed visuals and there were multiple live performances, including this one.

At the time there was a lot of equipment moving in and out of storage and I was able to convince management to let me turn an old -- but large -- touchscreen into an audio/visual/laser controller.

After that I convinced my colleague Mike Walczyk to help me with the concept and this project was the result.

To me the futuristic interfaces present in both Blade Runner films are an integral part of their overall style and it seemed necessary to reference them (in proper cyberpunk style) at the party.

The custom interface controlled music and vocal samples from both Blade Runner films as well as haze machines, venue lighting and four different three-watt RGB lasers.

The featured video is worth watching in its entirety - this project appears at 1:35.


The Blade Runner controller in use
The Blade Runner controller in use