Willy Nolan

AT&T Stadium

There are many screens in AT&T Stadium. There are two rows of "ribbon" screens surrounding the stadium bowl, the "Diamond Vision" in the center of the field (💎) and the "AT&T LiveFX" board.

Usually different content plays on all the various screens but, during certain "takeover" moments, immersive content plays across each of these screens.

From a design perspective, this project's main challenge was to create a user interface familiar enough to stadium personnel that they would feel comfortable enough to takeover all the screens in the stadium with the press of a button.

In addition to writing the show control software, I got the great opportunity to evaluate my programming in situ while serving as its operator on a several occasions.

During the takeover moments the director would call out which video to play with an emphatic countdown.

My narration in the video at the end of this post is a much slower (and less enthusiastic) interpretation of his very epic announcing style.


AT&T Stadium UI Mockup
AT&T Stadium and control system