Willy Nolan


Project Title Description

The goal of this project was to implement planning and control algorithms to guide a simulated robot through a warehouse.

The warehouse layout is described with an ASCII file where # symbols represent walls, numbers represent packages that need to be retrieved, A represents the starting position, .s represent traversable space and the @ symbol represents the drop zone.

A warehouse layout for the featured image would be given as the following:


The rules are as follows:

  • - Packages must be picked up and dropped off in order
  • - The robot cannot come within a certain distance of the walls or the drop off location
  • - There are limits on the amount the robot can rotate in each time step
  • - More efficient routes are preferred

The challenge is that packages are located in fractional -- not integer -- locations. This research and my project solved this through discretization of the provided warehouse layout file and precise calculation of the robot heading.

A brief overview for picking up and deliver one of two packages for a simple warehouse is shown in the first two featured images. The green arrows show where pick up or drop offs take place.

A video showing the completion of a more complex warehouse layout is also shown.