Willy Nolan

About me

I am a software engineer focused on improving how people interact with and experience technology. This site contains some of the projects I have created while pursuing that goal.

I studied Communication at Portland State University, Journalism at The University of Southern California and Computer Science at Georgia Tech.

During my career I have been fortunate enough to work with companies such as Obscura Digital, TAIT, AT&T, The Madison Square Garden Company, Instagram and Snapchat on projects all over the world.

If you want to get in touch please email me: willy@willynolan.com

Exhibitions, Installations and Performances

  • Art Basil (Hong Kong)
  • Art Basil (Basil, Switzerland)
  • Comicon (San Diego, USA)
  • F8 (San Francisco, USA)
  • Halcyon Nightclub (San Francisco, USA)
  • Qasr al-Hosn Festival (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
  • AT&T Stadium (Dallas, USA)
  • Shantou University (Shantou, China)
  • #SF Public Canvas (San Francisco, USA)
  • Searching for Cydonia (San Francisco, USA)
  • Madison Square Garden Science Fair (London, UK)
  • Madison Square Garden Science Fair (Las Vegas, USA)
  • Madison Square Garden Science Fair (Los Angeles, USA)